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National Innovation Foundation GALLERY

Honey Bee has taken up the initiative to set up a gallery for showcasing innovators work; a platform reachable for the grassroots for both knowledge and innovations exchange that conditions a sustainable, and an efficient development.

The display walls have been visually and conceptually divided into three distinct layers as narrative, tactile, and innovation. Starting at the eye level one gets to read and see the narrative, with a visual layer below it comprising of both moving and still imagery. Inevitably the innovators products catch ones eyes at the lower layer, which is at an apt height for any young innovator. Beginning with the history and Shodh Yatra it slowly unfolds Innovation finds along the journey, and their stories with a visual breather at one end of the gallery to listen and know more at the A/V junction.

Area :

Client : NIF Govt.

Where : Rashtrapati Bhawan



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