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About Us

As a studio we specialize in multidisciplinary design domains like retail design, exhibition design, furniture design, interior design, and graphic design with a focus on user experience. Our strength lies in thinking, designing, planning and building new experiences.

TOD is a design initiative founded by Kulveer Bhati and Ritu Yadav, both are alumni from NID.

For us every project is an opportunity to do something new and unique. We amalgamate the client’s vision and our understanding of design to create something that is an absolutely unique. We believe in stories and narratives in design, every element of our work finds its genesis from a story, either from our rich heritage or from science.

Once we are on board with a project, we make sure that it reaches its desired result without any trace of compromise in it. We listen, raise enough questions and concerns to seek clarity and help you define a vision. Once the ideation stage is over iterations are made prior to finalizing the concept, we strongly believe in prototyping and exploring variations in from and product before zeroing in on one solution.

Before we present any idea, we want to be absolutely sure that it’s the best solution possible with the project limitations provided. Once our design concept is frozen, we try to give as much attention to the small details as to the bigger picture, because it is the small choices that always shape the final outcome.

What We Do


We are a young firm that believes that research must inform all our design decisions and thus, we always start each design project with our classic brainstorming sessions in studio. These discussions also, help us to plan in advance how to achieve the given target in a given time frame and with the available local resources.


We believe that good design must be holistic in nature and should plan for all scenarios. We also understand that design must create connection, and thus all our design solutions are always narrative centric, for if more and more people identify with our concept story, they will be able to experience the space as we planned and designed for it.

Founder & Director

Kulveer Singh Bhati

His first introduction with the professional world was with Foley Design, Bangalore. He was associated with Foley for more than 6 years and headed the spatial design there. His exposure there was varied from Product Design to Interior Designing. He continued to design for retail and hospitality brands like Titan, Fastrack, Microsoft. He was facilitated as the winner of Design Quest 2011 by Home Review

He is Young, Energetic and Passionate about designing solutions are can be deemed out of the box in terms of material and scale. He founded TOD in 2014 along with Ritu Yadav. His vision has guided TOD through these years and established it as a renowned name in the industry. Kulveer is the brawn that is the driving force behind all client interactions, he also oversees the execution and detailing of design elements of all projects.

Ritu Yadav

Has an experience of over 10 years in the field of spatial design, she worked with Shark Designs for 5 years as a lead designer, before founding TOD in 2014. Her portfolio boasts of extensive experience in retail and furniture design, she has worked with brands like Grohe, Samsung and DLF.

Her involvement has been critical right from the inception of TOD. Ambitious, Progressive and System-oriented; Ritu is the brain behind the team and she leads the design, research and development wing for TOD. As a creative head she overlooks all presentations and design aspects of the firm.

Meet Our Team


Ankur Mehra

Production Head


Sunil Dhiman

Project Head


Chetan Jain

Chanel Partner


Vikas Tomar

Sr. Architect





Akshay Jangid



Allen Bouche

Assistant Architect



Spatial Explorer


Abhishek Kumar

Accounts Head

Our Studio

Our Collaborations

The firm understands the importance of collaboration in the realm of design and extensively collaborates with other teams. We believe that diverse and unique skill sets help build character in design and thus bring together people of varied skills to craft what we believe is modern and unique yet rooted in its context.


We’re always happy to meet face to face or start a conversation online.