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New Delhi 110030

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Nahar Industries Office

This office space is completely prefabricated and installed in Nahar industry campus as their main office building to house their staff and design team. Surrounded by lush green trees this building design is inspired from highly saturated colour palates form surrounding cultural vibes and motifs from fulkari, a very popular local craft. So on one side one can see hues of colours while coming across other side there are patterns fading it into glass. The south of building is designed with full building height louver panels to cut the direct sun but still provide ample sunlight through out the day in the central space.

A huge double height space is the central core of the office which has a red bright spiral staircase connecting to second level. This level houses all private  spaces like MD cabins and meeting rooms over looking the double height spaces. The central space is beautifully balanced by semi open and casual seating areas giving users flexibility of usage.

Area :

Client : Nahar

Where : Lalru, Punjab



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