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The fair has been successfully able to showcase the talents of the Indian handicraft artists and has proven to be enterprising with its global reach. Centered at diversity and craft this concept also intended to highlight the unity in the diversity of country. At the first impression as any visitor enters the fair venue, they are greeted by a huge 16 mt high pavilion facade with an two sides colours in bluet spans the existing façade. Constructed with metal frame and covered by stretched fabric, there is sense of fantasy to the entire façade installation, making it light and easy on the eyes at the same time. The facade had an impact everlasting on all the visitors both during day and night. Since the translation of theme into the design is both literal and metaphorical, it became the hero of the show. The facade backdrop became a prominent selfie point for the attendees of the fair making it one of the most desirable locations on the entire campus.

Area :

Client : EPCH

Where : Expo Mart



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